iPhone 4S clones from China with Android 4.0

Saturday, 18 February 2012, 4:53 | iPhone info | Comments Off | 1453 Views
by Derby

iphone4s android4 iPhone 4S clones from China with Android 4.0Although iPhone 4S has been launched in China, does not mean producers in the country to stop creating counterfeit products. It is probable that this was done in order to meet the needs of consumers who want to have an iPhone 4S but constrained by cost.

This is not the first time China manufacturers create iPhone clones, but different times fake iPhone 4S is powered by Google’s latest OS, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. So far, as seen in the photographs, the physical design of the iPhone 4S clones looks close to perfect, although a little lighter weight, 114gr.

Display has also offered the same size as the original iPhone4S 960×640 resolution. The device is equipped with a 7227-T HTC Touch chip with 512MB RAM, 8GB of internal storage, rear and front-facing camera and WCDMA 3G connectivity support.

As mentioned earlier, these clones seem to be going iPhone4S Ice Cream Sandwich, despite mimicking the iOS interface. Even the “Siri” and voice control were also presented, although in fact controlled by a built-in Vlingo voice assistant.

iphone4s android4 iPhone 4S clones from China with Android 4.0

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