Audio Player for Android | 5 best Audio Player for Android

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audio player Audio Player for Android | 5 best Audio Player for Android


The media player for Android smartphones are now widely available, although not fully to meet the musical enthusiasm of its users. Currently, the company’s smartphone vying to create the best hardware to perfect their music devices. And to support it, the selection of the media player could be important because it will give special experience for users in listening to music. Here are the 5 best media player available in the Android Market:

Double Twist Player

Double Twist Player helps users to synchronize their Android mobile phone or device with a music store on the computer without wires. The application also recognize audio files from a computer, where users can select a list of synchronization to the device, and when the application is run on a smartphone, all data will be synchronized using a WiFi connection. This application is also available for Mac users to synchronize their Android device using iTunes.


Not understand the lyrics of the song you’re listening? Or want to know some excerpts from your favorite song? This is where TuneWiki present with his help. Not only serves as a media player, TuneWiki also displays the lyrics of the song along with the song being played. With lyrics that translated into more than 40 languages, users will be able to find lyrics for more than 2.5 million songs. However, users must enable the internet connection to update the song library.

Mort Player

What good is putting a song in a different folder if the audio player does not understand how his work and still play music with basic album or artist? If you have a similar problem, maybe you need to use Mort Player that can identify the folder and display the song based on location, regardless of the artist tag. Now no need to bother with the playlist to discover a forgotten favorite song, just go into a folder and save it.

Mood Agent

Mood Agent Application is a smart audio player that can identify different types of music and recommend songs based on audience mood. Users do not need to tag music for a particular mood, because this application works automatically. Users only need to choose their mood from the list of choices. However, users are also free to use this application to play a certain song if they do not want the features of the suggested songs.


Btunes application is quite unique with a simple design, based on the iTunes player on the iPhone with easy access to every function. So, if you like the look of this application or just want to set the style audio player like iTunes, you can choose it.

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