How to Check iPhone is genuine or fake

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by Derby

Recently many copies of a mobile phone, particularly of products from China. iPhone is no exception was a lot of genuine but counterfeit.

Shape very similar to the iPhone, but apparently the product is a clone of the iPhone. Here’s how to distinguish between the original iPhone and an iPhone clone.

  1. Each of Apple’s original iPhone has always had the Serial Number (serial number to see the menu go to Settings-General-About). Serial Numbers With this we can check it is genuine or fake iPhone on the official website of Apple. If you find that the product is genuine, then we can see how long the warranty of the iPhone.

  2. Artificial iPhone screen is smaller than the original Apple iPhone. In addition, the resolution is also lower (picture looks more rugged appearance, not as smooth as the original iPhone).
  3. Icon on the iPhone clone a little more, it’s understandable because of the small screen.
  4. iPhone clone operating speed is slower than original iPhone
  5. iPhone clone requires the stylus to access the menu because of the iPhone clone does not yet support the iPhone Multi Touch as well as where to access the menu with just a touch soft.
  6. iPhone fake no Wifi connection, no additional applications (can not install new applications) also did not have a Safari browser
  7. Copies can not be synced iPhone with iTunes on the computer.
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